Climb Lomnicky Peak with a mountain guide

2634m – Lomnicky is the second highest peak in High Tatras and one of the most beautiful. Lomnicky is also one of the most visited thanks to spectacular views from its summit of Mala Studena Valley, Five Spis Lakes, Ladovy Peak (Ice Peak), Gerlachovsky Peak, Vysoka and Krivan. We are happy to take you up Lomnicky as the ascent without a mountain guide is forbidden.

LENGTH: 5-6 h
ALTITUDE GAIN: 550m from Lomnicke Pass

› Technical hiking terrain with short challenging sections.
› Good physical conditioning required.

In winter max. 2 clients
480 € / 3 clients
440 € / 2 clients
400 € / 1 client

PRICE – challenging route:
Challenging route or via ferrata
440 € / 1 client
480 € / 2 clients

The price does not include lift tickets for you and the guide.

Climbing Lomnicky Peak

The ascent of Lomnicky takes the traditional route from Lomnicke Pass. The route is secured with some pitons and chains. We can take the cable car from Tatranska Lomnica to Lomnicke Pass, where the ascent begins and ends with a descent to Skalnate pleso.

For the more experienced, we can offer other ascent routes that are more demanding in terms of climbing, such as the ascent from Mala Studena valley.

History and the first ascent of Lomnicky Peak

Lomnicak was long considered the highest summit in High Tatras and the locals used to call it “Grand Father” in the past.

Very likely, the first person to summit Lomnicak was a famous English adventurer and doctor Robert Townson. His ascent from Mala Studena Valley, leading via Filmarky Colouir, via Lomnicke Pass, and up the today’s standard route.

It is certain that the summit was also reached by Spis gold-diggers who were in search of their fortune in the north parts of Lomnicky Peak. And one more piece of history – a shepherd Jakub Fábry who worked in the region between 1860 to 1890 and would boast that he climbed to the “Grand Father”.

Park Regulations

We carry out all ascents of the Tatra peaks in accordance with the valid TANAP visitor regulations.

In the period from 15.4. until 1.6. it is not possible due to the closure – according to TANAP’s visiting rules.

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