Ski touring with a mountain guide

For those who fell for it, ski touring is synonymous with freedom.

We will take you to places in the mountains that are not possible to access otherwise. And riding in open terrain is something uniquely charming!

Ski touring, Well-being and crowded slopes

Ski touring is a beautiful combination of free skiing and moving in the mountains.

It soothes us mentally and at the same time it is a physical challenge… it strengthens our health and clears the mind.

It is the exact opposite of what classic downhill skiing and commercial crowded slopes offer today.

Even beginners can safely try it with a mountain guide, or the more experienced can push their limits.

What grabs your heart?

Contact us if you would love to join us on the following adventures:

  • Ski tours in High Tatras
  • Ski touring in Norway from the yacht
  • Ski touring in Canada
  • Ski tours in the Alps
  • Or something more bespoke?

Avalanche safety

Our international certified mountain guides are by no means “those who are not afraid of avalanches”.

On the contrary, they know very well how dangerous they can be and that is why they have been studying the stability of snow, terrain and weather for a long time.

This knowledge, plus many years of experience, allows them to perceive many things that help them to make decisions at a high levels of safety.

Both a pilot in an airplane and a mountain guide are the best guarantee of safety in a given situation.

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