Climb Cierny Peak with a mountain guide

2434m – Cierny Peak (“cierny” means black) is a majestic rock pyramid on the main ridge of the High Tatras and is named after the dark color of its rock. It rises above three valleys and its shape resembles a tower. The peak offers beautiful views of Belianske Tatras and Lomnicky, Pysny and Kezmarsky Peaks. Attractive are also the views of Jahnaci Peak and Jastrabia Tower.

LENGTH: 7-9 h
ALTITUDE GAIN: 900m from Hut at the Green Lake (Brnčalka)

› Technically challenging terrain with exposure.
› Good physical conditioning required.

In winter max. 2 clients
480 € / 3 clients
440 € / 2 clients
400 € / 1 client

PRICE – challenging route:
440 € / 1 client
480 € / 2 clients

Climbing Cierny Peak

The peak is less known to mountain hikers, but very popular with mountaineers – the south face is especially sought after with up to 15 possible ascent routes. There is no hiking route to the top. For hikers, the summit is accessible only with a mountain guide.

The ascent starts at Hut at the Green Lake (Brnčalka) and there are 3 different variants for the ascent.

In general, the route to the top can be divided into two parts – the ascent to the Cierna terasa (Black terrace) and from there to the top via the only accessible route.

Climbing history of Cierny Peak

The first summer ascent is reported from June 24, 1898, when Antonia Englisch and her 17-year-old son Karol, accompanied by mountain guide Ján Hundsforfer (1850-1917). They chose the route along the eastern ridge from Velka Studena Valley, which today is considered the easiest option.

The first winter ascent dates back to 1956, when Jozef Psotka and Zdeno Zibrin successfully climbed to the top in April that year.

It is known that gold diggers and treasure hunters knew Cierny Peak (Black Peak) much earlier. In the second half of the 19th century, in addition to the aforementioned treasure hunters, military cartographers also appeared here.

As we already mentioned in the introduction, the peak owes its name to the dark color of the rock.

There is a legend from 1771 about the carpenter Ján Andrej Papirus, who allegedly tragically perished there when he went to seek fortune high in the mountains. He hoped to find gold on the mountain. The very name of the “Papyrus slot”, which is located between the Black Towers and the Black Peak, bears its name in memory of the unfortunate fate of this carpenter.

Park Regulations

We carry out all ascents of the Tatra peaks in accordance with the valid TANAP visitor regulations.

In the period from 15.4. until 1.6. it is not possible due to the closure – according to TANAP’s visiting rules.

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