Climb the peaks of High Tatras with a mountain guide

Climb the peaks of High Tatras with a mountain guide

We offer climbing ascents to several peaks that are the absolute pride of the Tatras.

Alternatively, we can bring you to other special places where it’s forbidden to go without a mountain guide.

DIFFICULTY: If you are not sure about your abilities, please contact us and we will be happy to help you choose.

Gerlachovsky Peak

The highest, prized, relatively crowded.

2655m – As the highest peak of the High Tatras and Slovakia it is the most sought after and certainly a challenge for every experienced hiker.

Lomnicky Peak

Beautiful and less demanding ascent.

2634m – It belongs to the most beautiful peaks in the Tatras and is their second highest. Fun yet less demanding ascent.

Ladovy Peak

Prized climb via an exposed ridge.

2627m – The third highest peak in Slovakia, but the highest in the main ridge of the Tatras. The ascent is attractive and along an exposed ridge.

Vysoka Peak

Impressive summit for the more experienced.

2547m – Vysoka belongs to the most photographed peaks in the High Tatras and its ascent is highly prized.

Ganek and Rumanov Peaks

Rarely visited High Tatras classic.

2461m – Known for its breathtaking north wall, ending with the even more famous Gank Gallery. The ascent leads along a beautiful ridge.

Baranie Rohy

Superb views. Technically not a difficult ascent.

2526m – With a mountain guide, it’s manageable even for less experienced hikers yet with just as breathtaking views as from higher peaks.

Kezmarsky Peak

Smaller brother of Lomnicky and less difficult.

2556m – Offers wonderful views of the eastern Tatras, Lomnicky Peak and Belianske Tatras. It dominates thanks to its impressive southern wall.

Prostredny Hrot

Beautiful adventure with no one in sight.

2441m – Very attractive peak for the more experienced. Appears inaccessible and is know for considerable exposure in the top part.

Pysny Peak

Less known but an attractive ascent.

2621m – Prized and challenging ascent for the more adventurous. Beautiful views of the neighboring Lomnicky Peak and the Tatras overall.

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