Climb Javorovy Peak with a mountain guide

2417m – Javorovy Peak, meaning “maple tree peak” in Slovak, is known for its summit plateau and it has two peaks. Both peaks are separated from each other by the Javorova wedge, which offers beautiful views of the Javorova Valley, Velka Studena Valley and also of the Ladovy Peak.

LENGTH: 4-5 h from Zbojnicka Hut, 8-9h from Hrebienok
ALTITUDE GAIN: 470m from Zbojnicka Hut, 1140m from Hrebienok

› Technically challenging terrain with exposure.
› Good physical conditioning and experience required.

In winter max. 2 clients
480 € / 3 clients
440 € / 2 clients
400 € / 1 client

PRICE – challenging route:
440 € / 1 client
480 € / 2 clients

Climbing Javorovy Peak

The peak stands out proudly above Javorova and Velka Studena Valley. It has two peaks and it is also typical for its summit plateau.

If you choose to climb Javorovy with us, the ascent is guaranteed to be interesting. There are several ways to get to the top, at least minimal climbing experience is required.

You can choose from the following available routes:

  1. From Zbojnicka Hut across the summit plateau
  2. Along the main ridge through Javorove sedlo (pass)
  3. Up a couloir from Ostry kotol

First ascent and history of Javorovy Peak

The first documented summer ascent is from August 1897, in which Karol Englisch took part with his mother Antónia with the help of mountain guide Ján Hunsdorfer.

The first winter ascent was 12 years later, in December 1911. It was undertaken by Julius Andreas Hefty together with Gyula Komarnicki.

It has an interesting name, after the neighboring Javorova Valley on the north, as majestic maples grew in its forests – “javor” in Slovak means maple tree. Polish: Jaworowy Szczyt, German: Krötenseespitze, Hungarian: Varangyostavi gyps, Javorovacsúcs

Did you know that 2-3 centuries ago, our great-grandfathers not only made beautiful furniture from maple, or carved various works of art, but that sugar was also made from it? This production is still current, although of course not from the maples of our oldest National Park. You would hardly find maples here now, as their wood was consumed by the metallurgical industry.

Park Regulations

We carry out all ascents of the Tatra peaks in accordance with the valid TANAP visitor regulations.

In the period from 15.4. until 1.6. it is not possible due to the closure – according to TANAP’s visiting rules.

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